Small kids learning about big trucks

06-2014 EJH Lunch with Trucks 149
Usually, the Farmington Community Library is a quiet place, but first and foremost, the library is always a learning place.

On a bright, summer day, sounds of children learning from the library parking lot could be heard from a mile away. Loud horns honking and laughter flooded the surrounding area of the Farmington Community Library from the Lunch with Trucks event sponsored by EJH Construction, Inc.

Without a single cloud in the sky, more than 400 children and parents braved the heat on June 16 for Lunch with Trucks. Kids and parents alike were immersed in a fleet of construction vehicles including EJH Construction cranes, bulldozers and other disaster response vehicles. Special appearances

at the event were made by City of Farmington Police cars and Fire Department trucks.

Several lines formed of eager children who took turns being hoisted up by their parents into the driver’s seats of the large vehicles. Kids posed for pictures and honked horns while familiarizing themselves with construction and emergency vehicles, some well more than 100 times their size.

“Lunch with Trucks is about kids familiarizing themselves with c

onstruction and first-response vehicles in case there’s one at their house or they’re in an emergency.” Beth Cooke, business development manager of EJH said. “If they get this hands-on-experience now, they won’t be afraid of the vehicles if they’re in that situation.”

While exposing young children to the construction industry, Lunch with Trucks also serves as an event full of discovery and bonding for children and their parents.

“Any time you can help children and families have a good time learning things, you’ve got to love it,” Cooke said.

EJH provided raffle prizes, a sand box and a “book dig” in the scoop of the back hoe vehicle. Children could grab a book to take home from the scoop. Fruit snacks and Hot Wheels toy cars were also given out to attendees. The event was a collaborative effort between the city, EJH Construction and the library to promote summer reading and exposure to large trucks.

“This event is a great way encourage reading as a fun activity,” said Cooke while a family posed with one of EJH’s custom disaster response vehicles.

Children’s librarian Maria Showich-Gallup was happy to see the smiles on so many children’s faces and to see them learning and enjoying the day with family.

ByEJH Construction, Inc.

You’re Invited! Lunch with Trucks 2014

Lunch with Trucks You’re invited!
Lunch With Trucks 2014
A Fun and Educational Event for Children
Monday, June 16th at Noon
Farmington Community Library
Sponsored by EJH Construction

A raffle prize, “book dig”, snacks and door prizes will be available for attendees.
We hope to see you there!

ByEJH Construction, Inc.

Winter Tips for Your Pipes

Dripping SinkWith colder temperatures upon us, now is a good time to ensure that your water pipes are properly prepared for winter.

When do pipes freeze?
Un-insulated pipes are at risk of freezing when temperatures reach 20 degrees F and below. Additionally, some pipes that are exposed to flowing air are vulnerable at lower temperatures. The freezing of pipes is due to the loss of heat from the pipe to the subfreezing air around it. To stop freezing from occurring, you have to stop the transfer of heat.

How to prevent frozen pipes:
• Seal all openings where cold air may get into pipes
• Remove all outside garden hoses from faucets
• Leave cabinet doors in kitchen and bathrooms open to allow warmer air to circulate around pipes
• Allow a small stream of water, about the size of a pencil lead, to run from one of the outdoor faucets
• If the home or business is not well insulated, consider allowing a stream of water to run from an interior faucet

I think my pipes may have frozen, now what?
If you suspect your pipes are frozen, call a plumber. If you actually have a pipe burst, first look for the hand gate valve and turn it off. It’s usually located between the meter and the outside wall of your home. Call us immediately at 800-854-4534 to mitigate any further damage to your property.

ByEJH Construction, Inc.

PRIDE – Providing Relevant Intellect to the Disabled Enthusiastic

Visions UnlimitedWhen you think of your first job, or even your first paycheck, you get a little smile on your face. That is the pride that you received from doing your job. EJH Construction has partnered with Visions Unlimited to provide the same kind of pride, but with a little twist.

Visions Unlimited is a post-secondary education program operated by Farmington Public Schools. The school serves young adults ages 18 through 26 who have physical and developmental disabilities. The Visions staff is dedicated to ensuring that each student reaches his or her potential as a contributing citizen, productive worker and community participant.

Each student has set goals for improving life and work skills. These goals are achieved through classroom and community based instruction. As part of the community based instruction, Visions students participate in everyday activities such as locating items in a store, organizing orders, self check-out and handling money. Another part of the program is teaching students about work and production. Students accomplish meaningful tasks in this part of the program at various job sites around the area as well as at the school.

EJH saw a mutually beneficial opportunity with students from Visions by utilizing their skill set to put together and work with our new brochures. EJH used this as a teaching opportunity, while Visions students provided valuable instrumentality for a real-world working project.

Lorene Hale, one of the owners of EJH Construction, said, “We at EJH all believe that productivity, regardless of level, is a necessity to developing self-respect and pride in the ability to contribute and be a part of the community. By partnering with Visions, we were able to see this pride grow through the work they were able to do for us.”

EJH has found this experience to be rewarding and extremely beneficial. “I would strongly recommend that any business or community group spend some time looking into how they can have the same wonderful experience as we did through this partnership,” said Beth Cooke, Business Development Manager at EJH Construction.

ByEJH Construction, Inc.

Mentoring Girls in Construction

The 2013 MAGIC (Mentoring A Girl In Construction) camp was a huge success! Here’s a fun video that captured the action.

EJH Construction was proud to help sponsor this free, week-long day camp. The 2013 camp hosted twelve high school girls and introduced them to careers in construction and taught them basic life-building skills. The girls built a partial small frame house learning carpentry, electrical, plumbing, setting steel and driving heavy construction equipment.


EJH AwardThe girls were honored with a completion ceremony where they received a MAGIC Camp certificate of completion, a TomBoy Tool Bag with essential hand tools and a certificate of completion signed by Governor Snyder and Lieutenant Governor, Brian Calley. Please know that your generous donation and the educational experience were greatly appreciated.

It was a great way to make a little MAGIC this summer!

ByEJH Construction, Inc.

New Bookstore for the New School Year

MSU Bookstore Michigan State University’s bookstore recently received a makeover to meet the needs of today’s students.

EJH Construction performed the renovation that brought Neebo’s contemporary design to life, including a new floor plan, checkout counters and interior decorating. Now MSU’s students can enjoy a more comfortable and convenient shopping experience.

To explore the bookstore online, visit

ByEJH Construction, Inc.

Families, Kids Turn Out For “Lunch with Trucks”

Lunch with TrucksThe area in and around the Farmington Community Library is usually a quiet zone like most other libraries, but on one recent bright summer day, the sounds of loud horns honking and kids laughing could be heard clear across the parking lot.

Over 200 people came out for the “Lunch with Trucks” event on Monday, June 17, sponsored by EJH Construction, Inc., including dozens of kids who were wowed by EJH’s fleet of construction vehicles as well as City of Farmington Police cars and Fire Department trucks.

Several kids took turns being hoisted up by their moms and dads into the driver’s seats of the vehicles, where they posed for pictures and honked horns. For many of them it was a day of discovery and bonding with their parents.

“Any time you can bring parents and families together to have a good time learning things, you’ve got to love it,” said Beth Cooke of EJH Construction, who was on hand to help out greeting parents and kids.

In addition to the many photo opportunities, EJH provided a Lego set as a raffle prize, as well a “book dig” in the scoop of the back hoe vehicle where kids used their skills to search for their favorite books. Fruit snacks and Hot Wheels toy cars were also given out to attendees, who were able to learn about the equipment from EJH representatives and other workers.

The event also provided an opportunity to expose the young people in attendance to the construction industry. According to a 2012 report titled “Construction Industry Workforce Shortages” by the McGraw-Hill company, the construction industry faces a workforce shortage due to many workers leaving the industry during the recent economic downturn. Those departures, left an aging workforce, which highlights the importance of getting more youth involved. The report also said that “green jobs” in particular could lead to a shift in the construction industry for attracting younger workers, especially at the university level.

An informal survey of many of the young attendees at the library event found the trucks to be a popular theme.

Six-year-old Max Garavaglia said he liked the trucks, especially his toys at home. His mother Katie said that possibly working in the construction industry was a “maybe,” and that Max’s plans change week-to-week, with firefighter being the choice last week. Other kids said they were mostly interested in the trucks as well.

“This is a great way to expose kids to the big equipment, and to get them reading,” said Cooke as a family posed with one of EJH’s custom disaster response vehicles.

Children’s librarian Maria Showich-Gallup was happy to see the smiles on so many kids’ faces and to see them learning and enjoying the day with family.

“After all, what kid doesn’t like big trucks?” she said.

ByEJH Construction, Inc.

Do you need Disaster Insurance?

We found an interesting article on that raises the question. There’s several determinant factors you need to consider before you get the additional insurance. One thing is certain, the costs to get disaster insurance will definitely increase within the next few months…

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Another happy client…

We often receive mail from our clients praising the work that EJH does for them or the work of our employees. Here’s an excerpt of the most recent one:

…”thank you again for your professional service and dedication toward this water leak. The remediation process was handled extremely well by the entire EJH staff in which we are very grateful. The quality of service minimized the severity of this mishap.”

Linda Y.

Senior Property Management

Keep up the good work EJH!

ByEJH Construction, Inc.