PRIDE – Providing Relevant Intellect to the Disabled Enthusiastic

Visions UnlimitedWhen you think of your first job, or even your first paycheck, you get a little smile on your face. That is the pride that you received from doing your job. EJH Construction has partnered with Visions Unlimited to provide the same kind of pride, but with a little twist.

Visions Unlimited is a post-secondary education program operated by Farmington Public Schools. The school serves young adults ages 18 through 26 who have physical and developmental disabilities. The Visions staff is dedicated to ensuring that each student reaches his or her potential as a contributing citizen, productive worker and community participant.

Each student has set goals for improving life and work skills. These goals are achieved through classroom and community based instruction. As part of the community based instruction, Visions students participate in everyday activities such as locating items in a store, organizing orders, self check-out and handling money. Another part of the program is teaching students about work and production. Students accomplish meaningful tasks in this part of the program at various job sites around the area as well as at the school.

EJH saw a mutually beneficial opportunity with students from Visions by utilizing their skill set to put together and work with our new brochures. EJH used this as a teaching opportunity, while Visions students provided valuable instrumentality for a real-world working project.

Lorene Hale, one of the owners of EJH Construction, said, “We at EJH all believe that productivity, regardless of level, is a necessity to developing self-respect and pride in the ability to contribute and be a part of the community. By partnering with Visions, we were able to see this pride grow through the work they were able to do for us.”

EJH has found this experience to be rewarding and extremely beneficial. “I would strongly recommend that any business or community group spend some time looking into how they can have the same wonderful experience as we did through this partnership,” said Beth Cooke, Business Development Manager at EJH Construction.